::Maple syrup and garlic::

Tonight’s dinner required a little bravery… Do soy sauce, garlic and maple  syrup really go well together? The answer is a resounding YES! A delicious combation, and especially for you (like me) who aren’t normally salmon fans. Check out the recipe below. I made a green salad with it as well as some brown rice flavored with a little salt, butter, and garlic paste! Mmm Mmm good! Enjoy!
Maple Salmon Recipe <—-

On another note: got a puppy for Christmas. A fun little border collie mix. His name is Mumford and he has quite the brain. Living up to his breeds reputation he is very intelligent, in the first day learned sit and shake. He’s working on “give”, “stay”, and “lay”. My goal: teach him to smile for the camera.


Cooking, loving, enjoying

 I have a newfound love. Cooking. I’ve never enjoyed cooking like I do now. I always said “when I fall in love, then I’ll learn to cook”. And it happened. God brought me a wonderful man and I now have this new home-maker desire to cook! He loves getting home from work and not having to worry about cooking, my sister is benefiting as well (and offering her knowledge and assistance) and it just works out for everyone. Funny how things change. I’m trying out all sorts of recipes. From both Pinterest.com and Allrecipes.com .

 Felt so proud of myself: I went to the grocery store and actually bought all the groceries for the rest of the week of dinners. Makes it so much easier to have a plan, the recipes ready to go and the ingredients at your fingertips!

 If you’re looking for some good desserts I made  Salted Mudslide Cookies and Pretzel Cookies… both are amazing. I added some ground coffee to the Pretzel cookies (about 2 Tbs) and it made them that much better! Enjoy!

As for the tempting dish you see below: That is Taco Beef and Pasta from Allrecipes.com. It was delectable. Very different. I made cornbread and we had a fresh salad with it. Try it out.