Praise for the blessings

I have been so blown away by all the help, encouragement, love, support, and generosity from people around me as my fiancé and I plan our wedding!

-A beautiful lady who’s known me since birth will create beautiful bouquets for my wedding day. She is helping find some beautiful ribbon to decorate with!
-A college friend of my mom (and her daughter) have offered wedding planning advice, volunteered to help clean up after the wedding, AND are making (and paying for) the cobblers for the wedding ❤
-my fiances parents are paying for our honeymoon to the Bahamas!
-my parents are helping out pay for many wedding expenses!
-my grandmother is renting tables and providing table clothes!
-I have an amazing caterer and photographer!
-Our church is fantastic, so flexible, and I can’t wait to decorate the place!
-The best man’s mom is catering my bachelorette party and breakfast the morning of! ❤
-I have my co-maid of honors planning a fun bachelorette party!
-one of my bridesmaids is going to throw me a bridal shower!
-a new friend here wants to plan a fun bridal activity as well and has offered to help with anything I need!

There are SO many more blessings I could list! Thank you Lord! So amazing!


Engaged {in a whirl wind}

My boyfriend of 9 months proposed to me two weeks ago, on March 24th. He was perfect. He was sitting doing homework, and I was cuddling with my puppies… We actually have pictures of this (of course, it’s me)!
He suddenly looked at me (at about 5:50pm) and said, “hey let’s go get a drink!” I thought it was weird timing because i was getting ready to make dinner, but agreed. I called my sister and told her dinner would be late, she said he was just hanging out at our apartment. On our way downtown Ryan suddenly took a turn and said “oh that gazebo we went to on our first date is over here isn’t it? Lets drive by!” (I started getting suspicious)… When he parked in front of the gazebo and got out I started getting nervous/excited, and I said “we’re getting out?” He told me he wanted to take a picture together, which was weird because he doesn’t like taking pictures normally! We walked up to the gazebo and talked, goofed off, took our picture. It was cold, and Ryan gave me his coat… Then he said “hey hand me what’s in the pocket there…” I reached in… A RING BOX! And then he was down on his knee… “Lisa Clark, will you marry me?” Ahhhhhhh! 🙂 happiest moment of my life thus far! Of course I said YES!

He had my sister hiding in the bushes taking pictures of the whole thing! It was perfect 🙂 he did sooo good with the ring as well! I’m beyond blessed and happy!