I’m the (next) Bride!

I was a bridesmaid in a beautiful wedding last weekend. The date was 5/5 at 5pm. How cute is that?!
It was glorious being involved in the special day of two dear friends. Everything went wonderfully, the decorations were beautiful, the bride looked amazing, the ceremony was meaningful, and the guests all enjoyed themselves thoroughly!
The bride and groom drove away to a fanfare of sparklers waving in the air! 

And they lived happily ever after…

Being in a wedding, of course, got me thinking about my own. It was so fun being apart of a well-organized and thought-through wedding. Gave me so many more ideas for my own! Thanks Em! I’ve found that the key to a stress-free wedding day is good planning, being flexible, having people you trust in charge of the last minute details, and just letting go of those little things that may not turn out exactly how you want… no matter what the marriage will still happen, and that’s what the day is all about!

My last post was a praise to the Lord for all the generous people that He has placed in our life, who are so willingly helping with the wedding! While on the phone with my mom for Mother’s Day (did YOU call your momma?!) she mentioned that one of her dear friends (whom I have only met a handful of times) had offered to pay for all of the ice cream we need to go along with the fruit cobblers we will serve at our wedding! How amazing is that?!? And did I mention that the cobblers themselves are another gift from another generous and wonderful few people? Just incredible. I am constantly in awe, and so thankful. These people, and SO many more are what will make this special day all the more meaningful. It will be full of personal touches, love, and great memories for everyone involved.

Just my little thoughts for the day