The Forgetful Bride

So it’s 66 days until THE day and I’m starting to lose my mind! I haven’t been stressed out- but my brain just can’t hold all of the ideas and to-do lists I have in it! 

Had my first disappointment: ordered some awesome bow ties from only to hear that they didn’t have enough for all the groomsmen! *deep breath* just be flexible, order ties in the same print instead. It felt so great just letting go and moving on with plans! 
I’m down to the nitty-gritty details, and still so thankful for so many people helping, encouraging, and praying for us during this time! 
66 days… It was just yesterday we still had over 100 to go! Time is flying by. Enjoying the engagement and looking forward to the wedding and marriage!!! 

P.s. my fiancé and I went on a Segway tour of Austin, TX for our one year dating anniversary! So fun and dorky! Great spending the day together 🙂