Two weeks ago, on August 17, 2013 I married my best friend. It was one of the most special times and greatest memories I’ll cherish forever! It was special because we committed to love one another through thick and thin. 

I wish I had a copy of the wisdom the pastor shared. The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful. We paused during the ceremony to look out at the crowd gathered in support of our marriage. Making eye contact with so many special people made me tear up, in gratitude and love for each one of them being present and supportive. 
We shared communion as our first act marriage, which my daddy offered words about and prayed over. It was such a quiet, beautiful moment- praying with my new husband, thanking The Lord for His amazing forgiveness and dedicating our lives together for him. 
We had THE.BEST. Kiss when Pastor Josh announced us man and wife. Surreal. Joyful. Amazing. Full of love. Full of happiness. 
The reception was amazing- because of the friends and family there to celebrate with us! We found the BEST caterer- CoTown Crepes. They made some amazing food and were sooo sweet and helpful! There was delicious sangria, home brew, and Shiner. Homemade cobblers were our dessert- a gift from dear friends, served with none other than Blue Bell Ice Cream- another gift! 
We danced to “I’ll never stop” by Safety Suit. There was dancing and celebration everywhere! The grooms grandma even tried one of his home-brews… 🙂 
There are too many details to go into, but it was all perfect. My hubby and I agree it would not have been as perfect as it was had it not been for my sister (one of my maids of honor). She was a ROCKSTAR! And of course our families and many friends who helped. We were thrilled 🙂
We ran through a shower of biodegradable confetti (got some in my mouth… It melted…yuck) and got into our car to drive away (I drove). It was so fun seeing everyone so happy and excited for us! 
We had a wonderful hour and half drive to our hotel. We needed the time to process and talk about our WEDDING DAY! Once we arrived at the hotel (we were upgraded!) we enjoyed some strawberries and champagne. It was the perfect ending to a magical day…(obviously I’m leaving our some of the details of the night) 😉
Our honeymoon in the Bahamas was fantastic! Relaxing. Great food. Sunshine. Rainbows from the daily rains. Adventures. Just my hubby and me ❤
We’re settling in to married life, as much as two can settle only two weeks in. I love going to bed with him and waking up with him. Arriving home and waiting for him. Laughing with him. Making plans with him. Talking about our life. Praying. Setting up our HOME. Learning every day to be more vulnerable. Learning to be honest and open, and to give more of myself than ever. It’s a wonderful journey, and I know we’ll continue to grow and learn each day we get to be with one another.
So thankful to The Lord for bringing us together. Thankful to Ryan for being so patient (waiting for several years before I said yes) and for being such a loving, understanding man.