OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER (and married at that!). Such a wonderful time to spend with the man I love. It’s interesting though, melding our two traditions together… what we both grew up with and know, and what our new traditions will be.

He grew up opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I grew up opening 1 gift Christmas Eve, after attending a Candlelight Service at my dad’s church, and then getting up Christmas morning to open the rest of the gifts and spend family time together. Because we’re spending this Christmas with his family we are not getting the opportunity to create our own sort of Christmas- (I’m excited to share in their traditions!). Once we have a family of our own (gasp!) we’ll begin to mold our own Christmas and what it looks like for this new Spangler couple. ❤

Picking our first Christmas tree (his first REAL tree!)
Ta-Da! So fun decorating our first tree- I love how our living room looks now!