Always HUNGRY & other side effects of pregnancy

Well I’m 16 weeks today! Here’s last weeks’ photo…

Belly is becoming firm and definitely growing! I have been experiencing round ligament pains from all of the stretching and growing! Good signs, but definitely can cause me to catch my breath now and then. I’m starting to use the rubber band technique instead of actually buttoning my pants… and I use the Belly Band a dear friend sent me as well. I’m so thankful warmer weather is coming so I can wear dresses and skirts- WAY more comfortable.
I am hungry ALL of the time suddenly. Even after I’ve eaten a meal I do not feel full. So far I’m doing good, not giving in to the temptation to eat more than I need, but it’s HARD! My ONLY craving so far has been Coca Cola! And yes, I give in. Not everyday… but frequently enough. I didn’t drink it before, but for some reason now my mouth just waters thinking about it. I’m gonna pause my writing and go grab a Coke before I continue… 🙂

 I’ve been attending bootcamp in the morning’s still, and that has helped with energy as well as just making me feel better about myself. It’s also helped keep off excess weight… I believe the 10 pounds I have gained are right on schedule with baby. 🙂  Hoping I can continue throughout pregnancy!

As of my last appointment this past week I have been moved to Perinatology (maternal-fetal care) as a high risk pregnancy. This is due to my thyroid issues, which they will continue to monitor, as well as the fibroid in my uterus. We heard baby’s heart beat loud and clear, and everything else seems a-ok! I absolutely loved my midwife though, so I was bummed about the transition, although thankful they are being watchful over baby and me. I’m hoping to connect with the Doctor as well, and trusting that the midwife made the right call in sending me elsewhere.

March will be a busy month for Doctor’s appointments, as I have two with the Endocrinologist to draw labs again and see how the Synthroid is affecting my Hashimoto’s. Then I have two more appointments; one to meet my new OB and the other for our ULTRASOUND! (This will be the one that will reveal baby’s gender!) March 19th is the exciting date. I’m still thinking girl… we’ll find out pretty soon! The ultrasound will also show where the fibroid is located and whether or not it will impede birth at all. If it is in a position that will not allow the baby to pass, we’ll opt for a C-Section.

It is beginning to hit me more and more that there will be a BABY in my arms come August! I need to start researching strollers, and car seats and cribs. Ideas are always welcome. I have started lightly brainstorming ideas for baby rooms… I like gray, lavender and mint for a little girls room. We’ll probably do a Harry Potter theme if it’s a boy. There are SO many great Pinterest ideas for that.

I suppose it won’t hurt to announce our name choices for baby…

Ainslee Joy or Flynn Daniel.

The first names have no significance other than we like them. Joy is my middle name, and Daniel is Ryan’s dad’s name.


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