Fast paced change!

Ryan has a job! Hallelujah! We are so thankful to know ahead of time where we will be going and what Ryan will being doing. He will begin at FMC Technologies June 10th, as a developmental manager. This past weekend we took a trip to Longview, TX to explore our new home. It was beautiful! Lush, green, BIG trees, rolling hills. Lovely. It’s a pretty, established town with a lot to offer. I think we’ll enjoy the experience there! We were able to locate an apartment community to live in. It was fun/crazy realizing that THIS is where we’ll bring Flynn home to! We were able to meet up with Ryan’s boss for a tour of the facility he’ll be working at. It’s just 25 or so guys, seems like it’s well run and will be a great experience for  Ryan! We’ll be there for approximately one year. Once Ryan is trained and ready they’ll send him to manage his own base somewhere. They have many locations- Alaska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, as well as international bases. We could end up ANYWHERE! We’re very excited about the next phase in our life together.

So here’s the timeline we’re currently looking at:

End of May: Pack up and move stuff to Longview. (THANKFUL that FMC will pack and move us!) 🙂

June 10th: Ryan begins job at FMC

June 27th: my last day at current job… will move to Longview that weekend! Happy to have a sweet sister who will let me/us crash with her while in transition.

July-August: I’ll be getting ready for Flynn (due August 13th)!

(As our pastor so kindly put it this morning… we’re crazy.)

So much set to happen in the next couple months! Hopefully somewhere in there we will sell our house as well. We’ve had several showings in the two weeks it’s been listed, but no bites yet!


Flynn is doing well- moving and kicking and growing! He is most active in the evenings, when I’m just chilling. Although today he was bouncing around to the music at church 🙂 We have another ultrasound for him on Wednesday. He’ll be 25 weeks then! Excited to see how much he’s grown since the last ultrasound!



I put together our gift registries for him today, which was so much fun. Feel free to look them up! Target and Buy Buy Baby 🙂




Friendship <3

 23 weeks! This pregnancy is going by quickly and slowly at the same time. I cannot believe I’m already halfway there! Each week flies by. Flynn’s kicks are getting stronger and more frequent. Sometimes I can even see my tummy jump a little when he gives an extra aggressive punch or kick! My dear friend Robyn stayed at my house with her freaking adorable son this past weekend, and she was able to feel a couple kicks one of the evenings, when Flynn was being particularly active! So fun to share that with other people.


This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun and great memory making. Robyn, Brittany and Lauren all visited me, which did so much good for my heart. Although I’ve been blessed with new friendships and with my sister living here in Texas, I still miss seeing my friends that are now starting to spread out across the States.
Whenever we’re able to have even a short weekend together it is wonderful. We enjoyed the farmer’s market (always delicious food), and then went home to make cookies. In the middle of mixing up the batter our realtor called, saying he had some potentials for the house. Everyone went into action, cleaning up the kitchen, and rushing around straightening up. Somehow all 6 of us got out of the house in record time. We enjoyed some fro-yo in the sunshine while waiting for the walk-through to finish. I guess that’s going to be life for the next couple months. Relaxing one minute, rushing out of your freshly cleaned house the next! Praying someone buys it quickly! But back to my friends… saying goodbye was so hard! I don’t realize how much I miss all of them until I get to spend time with them. Then the time is too short. I am so grateful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life. ❤ No matter where we all move I know that they will always have a special place in my heart, and that our friendship an span the distance.


Speaking of distance… Ryan has a second interview tomorrow! If he is offered this job we’d most likely be moving to Louisiana! Not on the top of my list of places to live, however, we can’t help but get excited for a change. I think we’re both ready to know where we’ll be going, so we can start adjusting. We’ve looked online at houses and schools in the area, getting a feel for what life would be like there. Prayers are appreciated for us during this process!













Small Little Kicks

I love finding out how many other women are pregnant! This is the season for babies! It’s wonderful being able to share in this amazing journey with others… to share “me too’s” and “oh my gosh, are you kidding me’s” and to laugh with each other over the little quirks that come along with being pregnant. It’s quite the ride, so many ups and downs. And what I’m finding more and more is that each woman’s pregnancy is so unique to her. I have loved getting to know other preggo’s on They have been such a blessing- I can bounce ideas off of them, ask embarrassing questions, and talk about pregnancy with others who are due the same month as me and are generally at the same stage!

Flynn Update:

He’s moving around a ton now… I feel him daily. Ryan was able to feel a super strong kick a few days ago, which he loved. Flynn is most active during the evenings… usually when I’m driving home from work.  He’s 22 weeks tomorrow! I have an appointment to check up on everything, hear his little heartbeat, and make sure I’m doing good. My family has been in town and I’ve received some adorable little onesies from my mom and sister ❤ I can’t wait to see him in them. They look SO small… it’s amazing how little babies are. I’ve been pretty tired- partly due to Mr. Flynn growing like crazy, and partly due to a lot of house projects… which leads me to my…

…House Update:

We are putting a For Sale sign up tomorrow and the realtor’s photographer is coming to take pictures of the house. We’ve been working like crazy over the weekends and every evening to get the house ready. I’m exhausted! It’s amazing how quickly I tire and get sore just because I’m caring around a little bump with me now. We have been so blessed to have my family visiting… they’ve been troopers, helping us complete so many tasks! We honestly could not have done it without them. Getting a home ready to sell is FRUSTRATING… especially when you try and DIY it. We’ve laid wood-laminate floors, which look great, but have been a hassle. Next time I think we’ll save up the extra few thousand and have a professional do it. That’s how annoying it’s been. But soon our house will be in tip-top shape and all we’ll have to do is keep it clean and pray for a buyer! We’ll officially list the house on Monday. Quite the adventure! Depending on how quickly we sell the house we may be looking at packing up and putting our stuff in storage for the remainder of our time here. My sister has graciously agreed to letting us stay with her temporarily if needed while in transition. Praying that the timing works out so that we can have a smooth transition.






Job Update:

The hubby has a 2nd interview with FMC Technologies on the 16th! Prayers are appreciated. The location would most likely be in Louisiana. He’s excited about this job opportunity… the company is actually hiring for two different positions. Not sure yet which he is being interviewed for (or may it is both?). They contacted him today, making travel arrangements for him. We’re excited about where the Lord is leading us. It will be relieving to know WHERE the Lord is leading us as well. Even if it does have to be Louisiana, I’d rather start adjusting to the idea earlier. It’s fun to dream, and look at what houses are for sale in the area. Makes moving seem exciting (because I haven’t had to start packing a ton yet). If he does not get a job offer from FMC he will attend another job conference in May, which would hopefully lead to some more job opportunities. We’re very hopeful, and trusting God! It’s an exciting adventure to be on as newlyweds. 🙂