Fast paced change!

Ryan has a job! Hallelujah! We are so thankful to know ahead of time where we will be going and what Ryan will being doing. He will begin at FMC Technologies June 10th, as a developmental manager. This past weekend we took a trip to Longview, TX to explore our new home. It was beautiful! Lush, green, BIG trees, rolling hills. Lovely. It’s a pretty, established town with a lot to offer. I think we’ll enjoy the experience there! We were able to locate an apartment community to live in. It was fun/crazy realizing that THIS is where we’ll bring Flynn home to! We were able to meet up with Ryan’s boss for a tour of the facility he’ll be working at. It’s just 25 or so guys, seems like it’s well run and will be a great experience for Β Ryan! We’ll be there for approximately one year. Once Ryan is trained and ready they’ll send him to manage his own base somewhere. They have many locations- Alaska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, as well as international bases. We could end up ANYWHERE! We’re very excited about the next phase in our life together.

So here’s the timeline we’re currently looking at:

End of May: Pack up and move stuff to Longview. (THANKFUL that FMC will pack and move us!) πŸ™‚

June 10th: Ryan begins job at FMC

June 27th: my last day at current job… will move to Longview that weekend! Happy to have a sweet sister who will let me/us crash with her while in transition.

July-August: I’ll be getting ready for Flynn (due August 13th)!

(As our pastor so kindly put it this morning… we’re crazy.)

So much set to happen in the next couple months! Hopefully somewhere in there we will sell our house as well. We’ve had several showings in the two weeks it’s been listed, but no bites yet!


Flynn is doing well- moving and kicking and growing! He is most active in the evenings, when I’m just chilling. Although today he was bouncing around to the music at church πŸ™‚ We have another ultrasound for him on Wednesday. He’ll be 25 weeks then! Excited to see how much he’s grown since the last ultrasound!



I put together our gift registries for him today, which was so much fun. Feel free to look them up! Target and Buy Buy Baby πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Fast paced change!

  1. Lisa, its so wonderful to know where your life is taking you. I am so excited for you. I looked up Long View on the Texas Map so I could get a better idea of where you are moving. Thanks for sharing. Love you…..Joanne

  2. Oddly enough, Longview is super close to Garden Valley/Tyler, which is where I lived for a year while going to the Honor Academy! It is beautiful there, although humid! And not too far from DFW, which will be convenient for whenever we make it to TX to visit Zack’s friends and you guys! I’m super excited for you and, although we don’t have a baby on the way, I can identify with the rest of the craaaaziness of moving, new jobs, etc. Praying for you guys and sending lots of love your way!

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