The Third

Third trimester… 28 weeks!

We’ve hit the third trimester! 2/3 of the way there… can’t believe it’s been 6 months… and can’t believe there are still three more to go! Ryan and I are getting so anxious to meet our little Flynn.

We’re in the midst of packing. Picking up the moving truck in 8 days. I just realized today this is our last weekend in this house. I’m ready to start this moving process, and I’m excited about the change. But at the same time it’s always hard saying goodbye to the familiar. I have also realized how difficult it is to pack up what I feel will make the next week of life even slightly inconvenient. But today I’m biting the bullet and packing up as much of the kitchen as I can. I’m only leaving out the absolute necessities. And I’ll thank myself next week 🙂

Flynn seems to be doing very well. Bee-bopping around, kicking and punching me like crazy. It’s fun feeling his little movements, even if they are uncomfortable at times. I cannot wait to hold him, and see what kind of personality he’s going to have. I’m looking forward to moving at the end of June and setting up his nursery. Preparing for his arrival is such a joyous thing. I’m so thankful for the gift of life that God has blessed Ryan and I with.

Prayers are needed and appreciated in the following weeks. We’ll pack up all our stuff and move it to Longview next weekend. Then we’ll stay 1 week with my sister. Then Ryan will move to Longview to start at FMC and I will remain at my sister’s and finish up a couple more weeks of work. I know it’s not an incredibly long time, but I also know that I am really going to miss my husband for those couple weeks. We’ll get through, and I know people have to deal with much longer separations. But the pregnancy hormones are already causing me to have a hard time with that. I’m also praying that during that time everything with Flynn continues to go well, that there are no complications, and that we are able to transfer doctors smoothly in July.



Packing and packing!



Countdowns (24…50…98…)

I have a fun little app on my phone called Love Time that helps me keep track of multiple exciting (or intimidating) dates that are fast approaching. I love countdowns. They help motivate me, get me hyped up, and also serve to scare me into action. I just glanced at my countdown and realized the moving truck is coming in 24 days! We’ve packed up a lot of our stuff, but nothing like we should. It’s time to get going! Thankfully I am able to take Friday’s off this month, so I’ll have a few extra days in order to accomplish some of this. I say that… but we’re going out of town for the weekend haha.

The house is still on the market. It’s been shown a good number of times. Praying that just the right people come along and want to move quickly on purchasing their new home! It would be an amazing blessing not to have to worry about our mortgage once we move and are paying rent in Longview. We’ve never kept a house so consistently clean. Because of our dog I have to vacuum every. single. morning. which is getting old. But it makes for a very relaxing environment to come home to in the evenings!

50 is the number of days left before I leave my current job. Some days that seems forever away, and yet I know it will be here before I know it. This job has been a gift. I’ve learned so much and gotten wonderful experience. I have wonderful co-workers, great bosses, and am so thankful for my experience here. I’ll definitely miss it (to some extent) 😉

Once I finish up here I will move to Longview and have just over a month to prepare for Flynn’s arrival! I plan on using that month or so to get his room decorated, get familiar with my new town, and get organized. I’m hoping it goes by quickly… and I’m praying he comes just a little early… 🙂 I’m ready to hold him and kiss his sweet little cheeks!

98 is the number of days left until Flynn Daniel’s due date. I can’t believe we’re in the double digits. And yet 98 is a lot of days. I’m glad I have smaller countdowns to look forward to as well. And we truly have so much to get done before we are ready for him. This past weekend Ryan and I went to Baby Earth to check out strollers. We spent over 2 hours testing strollers, debating, going back and forth, researching… finally decided on the perfect stroller for us. (We found last years model online for $100 cheaper too, SCORE!). We went with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, for those of you who are interested. I got it in gray, with a touch of green, so it’s gender neutral.
We’ve been so blessed by generous, amazing family and friends so far as we prepare for our little bundle. Ryan’s parents bought us a crib and changing table recently! It was SO hard not to put together as soon as it arrived. It’s still in the box… waiting to move. We ordered our cloth diapers from Cotton Babies, and those should be arriving in the next couple days as well! AND our stroller will be here too… I think I’m going to test it out around the neighborhood haha.



My sweetie bought me an early “birth gift”– a SUPER comfy bouncer chair from IKEA. I LOVE it and can’t wait to spend many a sleepless night sitting there with Mr. Flynn ❤

I have a baby shower in June, which I am really looking forward to as well! Anything having to do with baby is FUN FUN FUN!

Flynn is doing well… he’s growing fast. 26 weeks today! Only 2 more weeks and I’ll be in my third trimester! Oh my goodness! At our last ultrasound his little head was up by my belly button. We got to see him 3D (which I find slightly creepy looking, but hey, it’s my baby!) I can’t wait to compare this little picture to his face when he comes out! We’ve decided he has my nose for sure… and I think he has Ryan’s lips.