Kicks, contractions, sleeeeeep….

Two weeks ago: I have finally been able to give into the typical nesting impulses that pregnancy brings on. I’ve always loved decorating and setting up house, rearranging furniture, being creative and ending up with a homey, cozy space. Although I was frustrated that my body decided to be a little difficult and not allow me to keep working, I’m so thankful to be with my husband and have a little extra time to get our apartment ready before Flynn’s arrival (especially since I’m moving a little slower than before!).

Ryan and I have been incredibly blessed by everyone’s generosity in helping us prepare for our son. I know I’ve said it so many times, but I thought again last night as I stayed up late writing thank-you notes what a blessing it is to have so many thank-you notes to write!






I am currently 34 weeks, 5 days pregnant! And FEELING it! The past couple weeks since I’ve moved to the apartment have been quite the experience. Ryan and I have been so thankful for family and friend’s support and help as we’ve settled in.

I was able to find an OB whom I really like. Thankfully I was able to be seen shortly after arriving in Longview and now have appointments every week with her. I’m thankful to be seen by someone who is confident in what they are doing, and that I can trust. It’s nice to finally be able to meet the doctor who will deliver Flynn!

About 2 weeks ago I had to go into the ER because I was going numb in both arms and hands and it was very painful/uncomfortable. Because I did not have my OB set up yet at that time I did to have anyone else to call. Thankfully I was seen quickly and it was determined that I had low calcium levels, as well as possible pregnancy-onset carpel tunnel. I was given two wrist braces, which have helped immensely! I have also made much more of an effort to make sure and get my daily calcium intake. Chocolate Soy Milk is amazing! 🙂

I have also had another day in Labor and Delivery. My OB prescribed me a blood pressure medication to help keep contractions at bay, however the next day they were coming consistently. After timing them for some time we called and were told to come on in. Flynn was doing great, thankfully! And I hadn’t dilated beyond 3cm, which was good. I was given 4 of the most stinging painful shots ever, as well as a double dose of my blood pressure meds and the contractions finally subsided. I was able to go home, but was put on full bed rest.

The next day I was exhausted from the contractions and the adrenaline. I’m so thankful to have a kind, helpful husband who has been so understanding. I have to take my blood pressure medication every 4 hours in order to keep the contractions at bay. Sometimes they flare up, like yesterday. But so far I haven’t progressed any further.

My sister came up shortly after I moved, and is coming again tomorrow as well, which helps keep my mind off of not being able to do much. A good friend came last week for a few days as well, made dinner, took care of me, and entertained me all week! It’s nice for Ryan to have a little break as well.

That’s my update for now! Flynn’s good! His mama is ready to be done being pregnant, but thankful he’s staying in and that he’s healthy! I’ve been nauseous the past couple days, and a little achy as he continues to stretch my tummy. But these are (fairly) small complaints.

We appreciate prayers for Ryan’s sanity as he works at his new job, and has to play housewife and cook meals here. Prayers for patience for me, I’m having a hard time laying around, not being able to nest like I want, and I’m having a hard time not being able to accomplish all the house chores around.


One thought on “Kicks, contractions, sleeeeeep….

  1. Hang in there, girl! This all sounds so crazy and I can’t imagine how frustrated I’d feel sitting in a house I’d just moved into not able to do everything I wanted to do! We’re praying for you and look forward to seeing the little man (at least pictures) soon!

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