I’m not super mom

We’ve almost made it to 8 weeks! The longest, quickest, most sleep-deprived, most filled-with-love weeks I’ve ever experienced. I love this little boy oh so much. I can’t wait for him to start smiling! He rolled over for the first time at right about 1 month old! We have tummy time every day, which sometimes he loves and sometimes he hates. A couple weeks he became much more interested in his surroundings. He likes the toys hanging from his play mat, he likes to look at the walls in his room, he likes our faces of course. He smiles in his sleep and when he’s eating, but we’ve yet to coax a smile out of him in response to us. The smiles I’ve received have been accidental, but still PRECIOUS πŸ™‚ He’s growing so fast, and I’m sure he’s close to 11 pounds now! It’s fun being able to put new clothes on him, though most of the time he just wears a diaper, as he gets hot very easily. He can roll over to both sides now (from belly to back)! He WILL be crawling early, I just know it. He’s very persistent during tummy time and gets frustrated that he can’t move. It’s amazing how exhausting being a mom is! Even though I have always believed mom’s when they say how tired they are I never did understand it… but I definitely do now. All day long, and many hours of the night. It’s such an honor to be trusted with this little tiny person. But it’s a tough job. I’m ever so thankful for my mom-friends who can encourage me. I take heart in the fact that someday he’ll sleep through the night. Someday he won’t only sleep when being held, someday he won’t need to eat ever two hours. I nursed through 6 weeks, and then made the decision to switch to pumping and bottle feeding. It’s been much less stressful since I made that decision! It was a tough one… but when talking through this decision with good friends one of them challenged me with the question of whether I was hesitating to bottle-feed because I was worried others would judge me. I quickly answered “no”, but after some self-reflection realized that was exactly what was holding me back. I was getting so stressed with breastfeeding… and after making the switch I am much more relaxed. It’s nice because now Ryan can help me in the middle of the night. Sometimes all I have to do is get up and pump, and Ryan will take care of giving Flynn his bottle. It’s been a much better two weeks. — A quick side note: we’re having a double-pump sent for free (covered by our insurance) and I am so excited about it! If you’re a mom, and looking into pumping, definitely check with your insurance about breast pumps! We received the hospital bill for Flynn’s birth today… over $28,000. WOW! I had prayed that he would be born while we still had our military insurance because they would cover 100%. The deadline was July 28th. Flynn was born July 21st and after his stay in the NICU we went home on… July 28th! Amazing! Thank you Lord for providing! So so thankful πŸ™‚ I was finally able to get outside today (because it was only 80 degrees) and go for a walk with Flynn and Mumford. It felt great to get out and exercise! I went over 2.5 miles, and was exhausted at the end haha But it’s a start! Β  In other news: Ryan is headed to North Dakota next week to manage and FMC base there. He will be gone for 2 weeks, so I’m escaping our apartment to spend time with the in-laws, friends in Arkansas, and friends and family down south in Texas. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. It’ll be tough to be apart from Ryan, however it’ll be so nice to be around people during the day! Because we moved right before I gave birth to Flynn we haven’t gotten to connect with too many people here. It hasn’t been as lonely as I thought (most of the time I’m too tired anyways) but it will be wonderful to have help with Flynn during the day, as well as catch up with everyone! We’re very excited about Ryan’s opportunity in ND. I will admit that ND was on the bottom of my list of places to move… but if he is offered the job we know it will be a great opportunity for him career wise! I’m half excited for the adventure, half very very sad to move so far away from everyone. But I’m definitely staying positive and trusting that the Lord has the best plan, that He is there with me through easy times and through tough times. (I DO look forward to fall weather… I don’t think fall exists in Texas). Β  Ryan and I have been able to go on three dates since Flynn has been born, which has been such a blessing! My parents watched Flynn when he was just 1 1/2 weeks old so we could go to a movie. Ryan’s parents and sister watched him for our 1 year anniversary so we could go out to dinner and enjoy ourselves! And then several of my dearest friends came to visit last week and watched him for an evening as well. I’d heard before how important it is to strive to give your spouse attention once you become parents, and I can see now why that is so important. If you don’t purposely and intentionally take time to focus on one another it’s SO easy for everything to become about the baby. Sometimes there’s not an option, if Flynn is being exceptionally fussy, or if he needs to eat right when Ryan comes home. But I try to make dinner, and have Flynn fed and spending time in his bouncer when Ryan arrives. That way I can greet him and have a little time to talk with him about his day. Doesn’t always happen, but I make the effort πŸ™‚ I’d better wrap this up, I can hear the precious little guy stirring. I love and adore him oh so much. I’m so so thankful I get to be his mama! Nothing could be more fulfilling. I’m definitely not super mom, but we’re making it through.



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