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A Goal to Set Some Goals

Yesterday I made a goal to set some goals. Just by sitting down at my MacBook to type out my goals, I win! Goal #1, check! As I mentioned before, I’m going to be setting weekly goals, because I’m just not up to par with long-term goals yet. So here they are, my goals for this week. Please feel free to add yours in the comments below! I’d love to hear from YOU.

  • 1) Cut TV time down. Much of the time it’s background noise, buuuuuuut let’s be honest, much of the time its also a distraction from more productive things I could be accomplishing. My goal this week is to watch 1 hour of TV a day (or less, of course).
  • 2) With all that extra time my second goal is to FULLY engage in playtime with my 9 month old son. No taking pictures, no Facebook, just be there and play, and watch him discover the world around him.
  • 3) Accomplish 2 tasks during each nap time, and then take some time to relax myself!

That’s it! Those are my goals for this week… Friday-Friday.

I accomplished something BIG (for me) yesterday. I did something crafty! My husband gifted me a camera because I am a picture-taking fool! So I of course started looking at all the fun accessories you “need” when owning a camera. I have to look professional right? I found a fun idea on Pinterest for making your own camera bag out of a purse! Some foam, a little material and some super glue and here’s the finished product:

Found a cute purse at Walmart!
Bought some foam and material and used my hot glue gun to create a custom camera bag for myself!

What’s something you can accomplish today?