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A Goal to Set Some Goals

Yesterday I made a goal to set some goals. Just by sitting down at my MacBook to type out my goals, I win! Goal #1, check! As I mentioned before, I’m going to be setting weekly goals, because I’m just not up to par with long-term goals yet. So here they are, my goals for this week. Please feel free to add yours in the comments below! I’d love to hear from YOU.

  • 1) Cut TV time down. Much of the time it’s background noise, buuuuuuut let’s be honest, much of the time its also a distraction from more productive things I could be accomplishing. My goal this week is to watch 1 hour of TV a day (or less, of course).
  • 2) With all that extra time my second goal is to FULLY engage in playtime with my 9 month old son. No taking pictures, no Facebook, just be there and play, and watch him discover the world around him.
  • 3) Accomplish 2 tasks during each nap time, and then take some time to relax myself!

That’s it! Those are my goals for this week… Friday-Friday.

I accomplished something BIG (for me) yesterday. I did something crafty! My husband gifted me a camera because I am a picture-taking fool! So I of course started looking at all the fun accessories you “need” when owning a camera. I have to look professional right? I found a fun idea on Pinterest for making your own camera bag out of a purse! Some foam, a little material and some super glue and here’s the finished product:

Found a cute purse at Walmart!
Bought some foam and material and used my hot glue gun to create a custom camera bag for myself!

What’s something you can accomplish today?



I’m not super mom

We’ve almost made it to 8 weeks! The longest, quickest, most sleep-deprived, most filled-with-love weeks I’ve ever experienced. I love this little boy oh so much. I can’t wait for him to start smiling! He rolled over for the first time at right about 1 month old! We have tummy time every day, which sometimes he loves and sometimes he hates. A couple weeks he became much more interested in his surroundings. He likes the toys hanging from his play mat, he likes to look at the walls in his room, he likes our faces of course. He smiles in his sleep and when he’s eating, but we’ve yet to coax a smile out of him in response to us. The smiles I’ve received have been accidental, but still PRECIOUS 🙂 Continue reading

Birth story

36 weeks!

Saturday, July 19th. 

Ryan and I spent Saturday morning at Panera on a fun date. We talked about our budget (which we actually really do enjoy working on together) and talked about Flynn. I started having painful contractions while there. I say painful… Really they were more noticeable than before, slightly crampy. I didn’t start timing, but did notice they were quite frequent. Continue reading

Kicks, contractions, sleeeeeep….

Two weeks ago: I have finally been able to give into the typical nesting impulses that pregnancy brings on. I’ve always loved decorating and setting up house, rearranging furniture, being creative and ending up with a homey, cozy space. Although I was frustrated that my body decided to be a little difficult and not allow me to keep working, I’m so thankful to be with my husband and have a little extra time to get our apartment ready before Flynn’s arrival (especially since I’m moving a little slower than before!). Continue reading

Contractions! [@ 31wks]

Well this has been quite the week!

Last Saturday I had an amazing baby shower, thrown for me by some of my Grandma’s dearest friends. My sister and I had a fun road trip down to Houston and immensely enjoyed our time there. The baby shower made it seem all the more real that Flynn will be here soon! We were blessed with many items we need in order to be ready for his arrival. I was truly overwhelmed with thankfulness for everyone’s generosity!

Fast forward to Monday-  when I began experiencing frequent contractions. I went into work, but paid attention to the fact that the contractions were coming very frequently throughout the morning. At lunch time I went home and rested for a bit, hoping to get the contractions to stop. By the time I went back to work they were even more frequent and more noticeable. Not painful at all, but very tight. I called labor and delivery and told them what I was experiencing. The nurse told me to head home and rest for 2 hours, and see if they went away.

(Side Note:) This is the second time this has happened, by the way… the first time was at the beginning of May. I had to go into labor and delivery for several hours then, and was given a shot to stop the contractions.

So I went home and rested for 2 hours, counting the contractions. They got to 4-5 minutes apart… still not painful, but definitely frequent! I texted my brother and sister to let them know one of them would need to take me to labor and delivery shortly. (Ryan had left that morning around 4am to start his new job in Longview!) I was trying not to worry Ryan, so I waited to tell him anything was up until this point. He was, of course, concerned, and wanted to head back down to Temple. I was sure that this hospital visit would be the same as last time, and so told him to wait there and keep working until I talked with the doctors.

My sister came home, we packed up a few necessities (like a phone charger and snacks) and headed out. Once I arrived at labor and delivery I was sent into triage and seen by a nurse and doctor. They immediately began to monitor Flynn (he was fantastic the entire time) and my contractions. The doctor checked, and found that I was 2cm dilated and told me “congratulations, you’ve earned yourself admittance until this slows down”. I was sent up to a birthing suite and two nurses quickly and efficiently came in to get me set up. I was very disappointed about having to stay the night… however anything for the safety of my baby!

Long story short I was in the hospital Monday-Wednesday evening. My sister was a trooper and stayed with me both nights! I was given a series of steroid shots to develop Flynn’s lungs in case he was born within the week. I was also put on a magnesium drip to assist with his brain development. It was miserable for me, but good for him. It caused me to feel like I had the flu and also my face was HOT the entire time. I wasn’t allowed out of bed and had to have a catheter put in. Bleh! Exhausting. But again, good for baby.

No shower, bed-rest, liquid only diet. Popsicles were amazing and HGTV kept me entertained.

I was taken off all IV’s Tuesday night, which made it much easier to sleep! Wednesday they simply continued to monitor me and checked my cervix for any change. Thankfully there was no change and I was discharged around 4pm on Wednesday. I was not put on bed rest, however, I was told to take it easy and rest whenever I felt the need.

So INCREDIBLY thankful for my sister being there with me. She spent 2 nights in the hospital, got me lots of water, and was there for me the entire time. Love her.

Ryan and I made the decision that it was time for me to move up to Longview with him instead of continuing to work for 2 more weeks and risk Flynn being born there, where it would be more difficult for Ryan to get there.

My brother and sister helped drive me down. Good thing: because we filled two cars with the remaining items in our house plus my clothes! Eek! I was so thankful that my boss was okay with me leaving early. They were super understanding, and so sweet about it. They even threw me a going-away/baby shower lunch. 🙂

So now I am officially a SAHM! Crazy! It’s  just sinking in today, as I have finally (mostly) recovered from the hospital stay. I still get tired easily, but am not exhausted like I was most of last week. I’m super excited to finally be able to nest and get our home ready for Flynn’s arrival. My siblings helped me decorate most of the apartment, which was soooo much help. My sister is one of those who has an eye for laying things out and making collage walls look great! All I had to do was approve, and it was hung! It’s so fun to have all my decor out after living in a “staged” house for 3 months.

So the plan is to keep Mr. Flynnigan in for at LEAST 3 more weeks. I have a doctor’s appointment this Wednesday with my new doctor, who will be able to refer me to an OB, Endocrinologist and Pediatrician. We have to go through her first in order to stay with Tricare (Military insurance). Prayers are appreciated for this to all get sorted out quickly, for there to be appointments available SOON, and for Flynn not to act up until it’s all straightened out! 🙂

In the meantime I will get his room ready, continue setting up our house, and look for an online data-entry type job to help provide groceries 🙂 I’m also looking into Beth Moore’s online bible study: Children of the Day. I’m excited about possibly becoming involved in that, as well as keeping up with my blog. Oh, and plenty of pool time. 😉




A little look at some of the decorating done at my new apartment! 🙂


Owl scentsy and cage for Flynn’s Harry Potter nursery! Scored these cuties at Michael’s… both 50% off!
Ryan’s Father’s Day gift 🙂