I’m not super mom

We’ve almost made it to 8 weeks! The longest, quickest, most sleep-deprived, most filled-with-love weeks I’ve ever experienced. I love this little boy oh so much. I can’t wait for him to start smiling! He rolled over for the first time at right about 1 month old! We have tummy time every day, which sometimes he loves and sometimes he hates. A couple weeks he became much more interested in his surroundings. He likes the toys hanging from his play mat, he likes to look at the walls in his room, he likes our faces of course. He smiles in his sleep and when he’s eating, but we’ve yet to coax a smile out of him in response to us. The smiles I’ve received have been accidental, but still PRECIOUS 🙂 Continue reading


Friendship <3

 23 weeks! This pregnancy is going by quickly and slowly at the same time. I cannot believe I’m already halfway there! Each week flies by. Flynn’s kicks are getting stronger and more frequent. Sometimes I can even see my tummy jump a little when he gives an extra aggressive punch or kick! My dear friend Robyn stayed at my house with her freaking adorable son this past weekend, and she was able to feel a couple kicks one of the evenings, when Flynn was being particularly active! So fun to share that with other people.


This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun and great memory making. Robyn, Brittany and Lauren all visited me, which did so much good for my heart. Although I’ve been blessed with new friendships and with my sister living here in Texas, I still miss seeing my friends that are now starting to spread out across the States.
Whenever we’re able to have even a short weekend together it is wonderful. We enjoyed the farmer’s market (always delicious food), and then went home to make cookies. In the middle of mixing up the batter our realtor called, saying he had some potentials for the house. Everyone went into action, cleaning up the kitchen, and rushing around straightening up. Somehow all 6 of us got out of the house in record time. We enjoyed some fro-yo in the sunshine while waiting for the walk-through to finish. I guess that’s going to be life for the next couple months. Relaxing one minute, rushing out of your freshly cleaned house the next! Praying someone buys it quickly! But back to my friends… saying goodbye was so hard! I don’t realize how much I miss all of them until I get to spend time with them. Then the time is too short. I am so grateful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life. ❤ No matter where we all move I know that they will always have a special place in my heart, and that our friendship an span the distance.


Speaking of distance… Ryan has a second interview tomorrow! If he is offered this job we’d most likely be moving to Louisiana! Not on the top of my list of places to live, however, we can’t help but get excited for a change. I think we’re both ready to know where we’ll be going, so we can start adjusting. We’ve looked online at houses and schools in the area, getting a feel for what life would be like there. Prayers are appreciated for us during this process!